inhuman 002

I’m so excited to see some snow scapes in the new film! This Astrid is for smolderbiebs :)
I’m doing a big spreading of the love httyd fan art trade: check here for details of how to join in!

I loved it! I truly love your work and see that one of your drawings is for me makes me really happy, thank you so much. :))))

the struggle is real
For dreamsoffools project! Let’s spread the love :))

As a huge fan of How to Train Your Dragon, I am super super excited for the new film! I want to spread as much love for the films and fandom as possible, so here’s what I’m going to do; I want everyone to start creating as much HTTYD/HTTYD 2 fan art as possible to spread the word about the film and show our celebration of the upcoming release. And I’m going to spend the next week drawing something for everyone who takes part, all related to vikings and dragons :D Maybe we can create some amazing art!
All ‘spreading the love’ drawings are to be uploaded over the next week.
All drawings need to have me tagged (dreamsoffools) so that I can see them.
Please don’t include too many httyd 2 spoilers in your work, and if you do include spoilers please tag appropriately.
Please don’t upload lots of little sketches; this is a big project and I’d love people to put effort into each piece (and I will get overloaded really quickly)
For every drawing uploaded, I will draw you a httyd picture and tag you in it.
This is a challenge to you and a challenge to myself! Let’s get going and create some really amazing fan art!
Please reblog to signal boost if you’re not an artist yourself :)
why is colouring so hard..
made this for my best friend, hope you guys like it :)
Jack Frost.